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Blockbuster Movies Docklet


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I'm using SysStats with RocketDock. Can anyone please point me to a document or set of instructions where it details how to configure docklets? I've read the help document that comes with the software.

I created a docklet to list my Blockbuster Online movies Queue reading from an RSS feed. I created an XML Meter to pull from the RSS and then overlays to display the movies. However, I don't know all the available commands to use in the Selector box for Overlays. I also don't know how to access all of the data properly. Example: I used this to list the movies: //item[1]/title

A few issues I'm having:

1. For movies with long titles, they extend past the background image. I'm looking to either truncate the title and then put a '...' or something, or maybe wrap it to a new line.

2. For movies with special characters (like &), I don't know how to escape these. So, right now the movie title shows up as 'Jay & Silent Bob' instead of 'Jay & Silent Bob'

3. I'd like to be able to click the docklet to launch Blockbuster's site and automatically login. However, I don't know how to embed the username/password in the request.

I'd be happy to zip and provide what I've done so far.

Thanks in advance and I apologize if I'm posting anything incorrectly.

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