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Make An Animated Wallpaper?

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Alright, I am here seeking a specific wallpaper. I want something that is a combination of these two things.



Also, [HERE IS THE TRICKY PART] I want the broken matrix part to be moving. Yes, it is rather complicated, at least to me.

What I ask of you is for some wallpaper pro here to make my dream wallpaper, OR show me how to make it myself, and possibly stop my ridiculous run-on.

Thank you, and I await your responses.

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For the broken matrix part to be moving you have three options:

  • Vista + Aero enabled and some kind of custom wallpaper app, I dunno about this but it seems Vista comes with animated wallpapers? correct me if I'm wrong.
  • An animated .gif (it'll work even under Windows XP).
  • I recall there is an app, maybe from AndreasV, published here at Aqua-Soft, allowing you to put a video as wallpaper or something like that.

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