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Transformation Pack Using Xwindowdock..without Bobah Agrement?

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Hi guys,

Long time no see u...but life is hard.

Anyway..some days ago I found a strange web site where you can download/test a Win2Mac transformation pack. All good but..in that transformation pack there are some copyrighted apps including Bobah's XWindowsDock...wth?

I thought that is my duty to inform you all.

Look what you can find on this address http://iforum.ucoz.com/load/2-1-0-1 :

Yes. The release date was 30 june. But it was already finished, many times tested and this release is fully working with no bugs on install.


Changes are many. You can read them within the installation file.

We wanted to add time machine feature, but it would make system requirements too high, so we decited not to add it. And anyway, it would work so slow on normal HDD.

So we changed dock. Now it has reflection effect of any icons and even windows. It has new gallery feature. New stack extension what shows up video screens.

New finderbar, Leopard clock, macswitch, macvolume manager, macsearch engine on taskbar. It much more, with less system requirements.

Added icons, more wallpapers, and even boot skins and logon skins.

Fixed cursors, sounds, themes.

We still added AppleTV feature by XBMC.

It was long nights, much work, but it's done. Enjoy.

System requirements are about 1.6 Ghz, 256 MB Ram... (That's the slowest PC we tested it on, and it worked fine. So you could try it on slower PC and write down on forum what's the slowest PC it runs on)

So - Some of the software we used













Look at this screens...looking a dirty job to me

Anyway i just asking in vain....Bobah knows this? and all other apps developers...

and most of this..the software will be sell ;)

What do you think of that?

We must take some measures, right?

See ya

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I saw this on DA,I asked him if he has permission from the creator of the software he said "don't worry... i know what i'm doing" ... : )

Funniest part is that his team tried to implement Time machine : )

Someone has to do something cuz this guy is trying to sell this to "those who are not registered to 25 June",something like:you have to be registered till 25 july on his site to get free license and you'll get something extra and bla bla bla.

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Yeah, discover this "masterpiece" on DA too, one of my daily visits;)

MacSearch, MacVolum, MacBurn,...I dl WinOSX v.0.9.8 and not install from installer...just put in a folder..and browse in...strange feeling...saw all good and nice apps that Bobah and others developers done all this years.

We MUST do something...really and fast

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Hi guys.

Thanks for your informing me. This man sent me an e-mail, and I agreed to use XWD (all versions) in his pack - ONLY FREE, not selling this pack. If he is going to sell this transform pack, I will think about it then :)

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Bobah: u welcome man, nice too see you again and...live:D

Was strange to see your app in that pack...but didn't know that you gave him the agrement to use. It's oki that you was informed about.

See ya soon ..maybe with a new version... he he

Good look and many thanks

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