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Explorer Cover Flow

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Well, if you say so...

It is written for 32 bit windows and has never worked with 64 bit windows. I don't own the development tools needed to make a 64 bit version. It however still works with 32 bit windows as it has always done. If the project is considered dead for this reason, then ok.


nice to have some notice from the right part. please don't care about such one that also use uppercase

it would be nice if you could work on the 64bit version.

as I say.... there are some limitation and missing dll... that I've found.... the coverflow in win7 64 bit can be chose in explorer.... but it not work!

fingerXP works on 64bit..... it have some limitation.... coverflow in it don't work.... and for list you got an access violation error.

I thought the limitation could be in some administrator limitation or the dll need simply to be rewrited or something else for the 64bit version.

please don't abbandon the project... cause most of the new computer will sell more and more as 64 bit.

thanks...& I enjoied coverflow on my old xp32 bit.

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