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Yzshadow/vistart Incompatibilities

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If anyone here knows what ViStart is, it's basically a skinnable start menu. It was originally developed to simulate the compact and slightly transparent start menu for the Vista/7 Transformation Pack. However I noticed when I open the ViStart menu the shadows as rendered by yZShadow stop moving, CPU usage by yZShadow peak to up to 50%, and as a result also menus fail to load. I am forced to end yzshadow via task manager because I have to access a menu, even though this problem usually diminishes after awhile. I already have added ViStart to yzShadow's exclude list (manually) and I'm still getting problems... any ideas?

This is the site for ViStart and other prorgams like ViGlance (7 taskbar) if anyone is interested. This link leads to the same forum topic on Lee-Soft forums.

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