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Safari 3.2.3 In Other Languages?

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I'm using Vista (+Spanish MUI) and I just found out I could install Catalan LIP on top of it to make my WIndows Catalan.

Before installation, my Safari was in Spanish, with all the menus and dialogues in Spanish. But after I installed the Catalan LIP, Safari went back to English.

Is there any way to make my Safari (3.2.3 - 525.29) to display in Catalan, or at least in Spanish like the way it was?

Moltes GrĂ cies!


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Try copying the language files in your Safari folder.

Go to: C:\Program Files\Safari\Safari.resources\es.lproj

Copy all the files

Paste them (and replace the existing files) here: C:\Program Files\Safari\Safari.resources\en.lproj

Tell me if it works:)

I used to do this before to get the Norwegian Safari to work on my Dutch Windows.



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