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Compile Gdi++ For X64 Windows

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Hi guys I wonder if anyone has experience on compile this naughty little guy there. The author only compiled it for x32 system, I wonder if it's possible to compile it for x64?

I never compile with visual studio before and I don't know what to add to the makefile to make it work, hope somebody can help me fulfill this wish. And hopefully bring another waves of font smoothing revolution on windows :D

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I'm not sure if you should modify the makefile at all.

However for sure GDI++ includes some injection procedures, which will need to be adjusted (to use 64 bit pointers and instructions, more than anything else).

Also there is the problem of 32 bit apps running under x64 Windows. In theory the easiest way to solve this would be to compile both x32 and x64 versions, and make the x32 version inject only 32 bit processes, and the x64 version to inject only 64 bit ones.

BTW, has anyone tried to run gdi++ "as is", under any 64 bit version of Windows?

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has anybody had any luck with this yet? sorry to drag up an old thread and that but I've had no luck with this project thus far.

I have a very limited bordering on non-existent knowledge of C++, and so far i've had to download a freeware make command which annoyingly doesn't like the makefile included with GDI++, since I wasn't able to use make through visual studio 2008 because I couldn't find it.

I was just wondering whether anybody had successfully got the 64 bit hooks working, or could just shed a little light on how one would go about accomplishing this.


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