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My Computer Only Boots Up Half The Time?!?!?

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I installed Flyakite yesterday. In order to get it working I had to reboot 3 times (once for iTunes uninstall, once for UXTheme patch and once for Tiger System Preferences). I noticed that my comp now doesn't boot half the times I turn it on (it shows the motherboard's logo and does nothing). Is this normal? :blink:

Please help!

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Well I mean it doesn't mess up my files or anything, it just freezes on startup. At least for now I've been able to start just by turning it off and on again, at which point the machine sort of turns on off and back on again, then the tower makes a beep noise, then it boots up fine. :huh:

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Wait... it hangs while at the mobo's logo, or after it? because it may be a hardware issue. Check your CPU's temperature and your power source voltage levels.

Of course based on your description it would look like FAKyte messed up your system, but it's better to be 100% sure to know what the problem is before proceeding. :P

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