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Standalonestack 2 Has Been Released

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**This is just going to be a short news post until I have more time to flesh out a proper announcement as the program matures.**

StandaloneStack 2 has recently been released by ChristianS (of chris'n'Soft).


*Based on Matonga's Stacks Library, released in our Developers' Hangout's forum.*

ChristianS's stand-alone stack implementation allows you to organize and launch your files in a 'stacks' visual manner using shortcuts you create, without the need of running a dock.

As ChristianS's website puts it:

... Now, if you don’t want any dock and simply use your taskbar, you can have stack view too.

Just get StandaloneStack 2, create a shortcut and voilà, run it to show the stack.


  • once you have downloaded StandaloneStack 2, unzip the files in a directory of your choice ( for example c:\standalonestack2 ).
  • Just run standalonestack2.exe to create and customize your stack.
  • When you have created your stack, you can open the settings window with it's shortcut at any time; just hold CTRL key when you launch your stack.
  • To navigate thru folder in stack, hold CTRL when you click on it (for now, you can’t go back). This option may also be configured in your settings window.


I haven't had much time to take StandaloneStack2 for a real test-spin but the program certainly is quite handy in it's functionality, and with each incremental update to this release comes better usability and more features for you to play with.


For the current version, update info, and to post a comment, visit this thread.

On a final note, a few tips off the top of my head:

  • You'll find a cleaner experiencing running StandaloneStacks2 by sticking to the more standard configurations. (As you can see from the screenshot depicting the taskbar positioned on the top of the screen, the stack's orientation with respect to it's shortcut launcher is a bit off when compared to using the grid view on the bottom of the screen.)
  • The grid stack view allows for both up and down presentation, however currently, the stack view will only display in the UP direction configuration.

Author's website for StandaloneStack2

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