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Hello, new here, but from time to time, I suffer a bit of Mac Envy and use a dock, regardless, I often use RK_Launcher, and take it with me on flash drive. I am an avid user of portable apps, which leads to my question:

Are there any portable builds of applications featured here (or at least stand-alone exe's, modifications to the registry can easily be changed with a launcher)

And, are any of the apps here open source, preferably docks, I myself do not have enough knowledge to make my own dock, but analyzing code often teaches me things. Also I have terrible focus, which is why building off something already there works for me ^^;;

Thanks in advanced!

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I honestly don't know of any open source docks for Windows...

As for portable, a lot of the apps here have little to know system footprint. Standalone Stack comes to mind, but have a look at the forums and try them out to make sure. I know that AveDesk is also configurable to be installed and isolated to a single folder, and although it's not exactly an app from here, Rocket Dock can very easily be configured to be portable by checking the "Use single user" checkbox, or something like that.

I hope this answers your question!

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