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C# & Xml Nodes - Help!

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I have a problem. I want to retrieve all the title attributes from the [array key] node

You can view the XML here http://api.ustream.tv/xml/user/socaldavis/...7fescmekvx35f3q

The method I have below is only returning on value. When I know there are three! Can anyone help me with this? I am not all that good with XPath Syntext.

public string GetChannelList()
XmlDocument xdoc = new XmlDocument();

XmlElement root = xdoc.DocumentElement;
//I do this because using "array key=*" throws an invalid token error
XmlNodeList nodes = root.SelectNodes("//xml//results//node()");

foreach (XmlNode theNode in nodes)
string data = theNode["title"].InnerText;

return data;
return null;

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Looking at the xml returned from the URL you mentioned, it seems to me that you should look for array elements by using an XPath expression like root.SelectNodes("//xml//results//array//node()");

Since results elements are only one, but there are three array elements.

Hope I read your question properly.

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