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Nice and nicely done..!!!

I tried a few widgets from apple's website and they work fine.

Not sure where to find the original dashboard widgets though, included in Leopard, or a much needed widget manager, similar to the one SioSae made for konfabulator.


Doesn't seem to run Yahoo widgets though.. (I was hoping it would)

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I have not tried it yet because I was afraid it would clash with konfabulator, do they both work together without any problems?

Ok downloaded, installed and the default widgets are fine. How do you get a Dashboard widget to run? I have zipped it up every way I could think of and it will not display it. The Weather Channel Mac Widget located here...http://www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard/information/theweatherchannelmacwidget.html

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I found this video today


1. Download and save widgets from apple website to "program files/kludget engine/widgets" (saved as .zip files)

2. Run kludget engine

3. Right click on it's taskbar icon, click "open widget package"

(points you to the "program files/kludget engine/widgets" folder.)

4. select a widget and click "open"..

I've tested having 10 widgets and memory usage is similar to using yahoo widgets

but when on heads up display the CPU usage hits 100%.

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