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Unread Rss?


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Since I read some topics about RSS counter here but nothing conclusive, I want to know if already exists a docklet that displays the unread rss of google reader.

Actually I tried to built one just modifying the Judge's GMail Notifier (for RK Launcher), but I was totally failed in.

It's possible to create something using the the XML Meter Class?

And about this API? It can help?


(just to let you know, i'm a noob in programming)

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Yes, the API can help.

If you read thoroughly, there's something they call layer1 + layer2. This combination gives you access to items with 'read' and 'kept-unread' states, and you can use the List API with the unread-count option.

Indeed, read the whole API. If there's something you're unsure about, try with you browser, issue requests directly to Google servers through it, for example:


Of course, remember to log in first. Also I'm not sure if this just works or you need an API key. Whatever, it seems the documentation you posted is all you need to interact with Google Reader and write a docklet for GReader users.

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