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May Someone Help Me Setting Up My Yahoo And Live Accounts On Os X?

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Hello everyone, I've recently installed OS X, but before that I did an online chat with an Apple person (over the store site) and I asked if Mail.app can check AOL, Windows Hotmail, and Yahoo (regular). He said yup and I was like sweet! So when I get around to opening Mail, I set up my AOL account flawlessly, not so much the others. For using Live I found this plugin for Mail that let's me check my MSN account, though it won't delete the messages from the server and just come back as "new mail" which is like, ok wtf? The plugin I use the attached plugin for checking my Hotmail account. And for Yahoo I found something called MacFreePOPs. It says it supports Yahoo and it was on Apple's top downloads for Mail on it's download site so I got it. Though it says that, trying to add the account is like a pain in the a**, so if anyone can help that would be great! I have screenshots if ya want for more detailed info.


mvosx1094 - Michael


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Be warned, even though setting up Gmail accounts is pretty straightforward [email protected] kind of accounts-, setting app Google Apps accounts in Mail app was much harder. At least in my case, I had to setup a gmail account first, then modify it through advanced options to make it check my G Apps account instead. :(

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I would get GMail however I want to stick with my current Email address, since I use them to subscribe to sooo many services, @Matonga may u please help, your more knowledgeable in this field, as u being a developer for Windows & OS X, may ya help?

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