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Which Anti-virus Do You Use ?

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I have been using different antivirus softwares.

The free ones ofcourse like Avg Free etc but i am satisfied with non of them.i do use McAffee and Quick Heal and few antispyware thats nice though.

Do you guys have any suggestions in this matter

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McAffee is one of the biggest pieces of garbage out there, second only to Symantec and Norton. You are opening yorself up to massive attach here. These are the most often atacted anti Virus programs out there. the viruses are written go behind them and they can't do a dam thing to stop them. I am a computer repair tech and deal with these things on a daily basis. I have all the big antivirus apps out there. The best as far as I am concerned is AVG. Second possibly Antivir. But Antivir can and does flag allot of false positives on just about any modded file you may have. I like my Antivirus app to be efficient and nimble and that is simply not something you get with McAffee, Symantec, Norton, Panda, Trend, and many others. I don't like my antivirus rooting its self into the operating system so deep that if a virus does get in all hell breaks loose because it is so rooted in.

The best solution, get AVG, Malwarebytes Anti Malware, and Superantispyware, intall them, keep them updated, and watch were you go on the internet and what you download. Your biggest problem is going to be your internet habbits. So going to porn sites and downloading lots of warez is going to get you into trouble.

The last solution I have is, dump Windows and go to Linux or OS X. That's what I have done. I am not paying any more money to Microsoft so I can continuously beta test their operating systems. I will not play into there crappy anti piracy scheme anymore and I there are so many alternatives to Office out there. The only reason I will even boot into Windows now is for gaming and even that is getting to be less and less.

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I kno I'm going to be objected here, but I use Symantec's Norton 360v3. So far, this has been the most reliable Antivirus/antispyware/firewall/tuneup (aka internet security suite) that I have ever had. I've tried all the top antivirus products out there, including

1. Windows Live OneCare (not bad, but not the greatest),

2. Trend Micro Antivirus/Internet security/Pro (SUCKS BAD PERFORMANCE, HOGS RESOURCES, HUGE PROGRAM),

3. McAfee (GARBAGE, I don't even know why they bother selling it),

4. Panda (ehhhh),

5. Webroot SpySweeper/Antivirus (doesn't do much for protecting, just removal. Sucks still),

6. AVG (not bad, I don't trust it completely though),

7. Kapersky (bad performance),

8. PC Tools Antispyware/Antivirus (it's okay...but scans don't seem thorough),

9. System Mechanic Pro (Very shady product, I don't trust it. It does not save settings and is not very professional for the price),

10. Avanquest's System Mechanic Pro (I don't like the way it scans. Hogs system resources)

I know Symantec has had some past bad criticism because of performance lags and a large installation, but the Norton 360v3 program's installation file has dropped to about 60 Megabytes and the performance has skyrocketed. Its performance far surpasses most of the "paid" products out there, and i completely trust it over all the other antivirus products out there. I haven't had one virus or spyware infect my computer since I installed it about four months ago. It includes Tune up tools that cleans out temporary files and invalid registry entries. It also includes automatic backup to their online secure server or to blu ray or external hard drive. I love this program, it's a must have for computers with slow processors. I use this on my 800 MHZ Intel Processor UMTPC with 1 GB of memory and the highest memory usage for me has been 62 % with this running a scan. Does not freeze up, scans are much much faster, everything has improved significantly from past products. Most schools and companies throughout California, including a lot of the government, use Symantec for Antivirus protection, so you know this has to be a very reliable program. Many benchmarks have proved Norton to be pretty much the top antivirus, under it Windows Live OneCare and Kapersky and AVG. The bottom of the list is Trend Micro and McAfee....Garbage.

Norton 360v3 includes

an Advanced firewall with configurable settings, Antivirus Removal/Real time scanning with Advanced Heuristics and Removable drive scanning, Antispyware removal/real time scanning, Intrusion Prevention, Tune-Up with disk optimization, file cleanup, registry cleanup, startup manager, Botnet protection, rootkit removal/protection, Browser Protection for Firefox and Internet Explorer with a safe shopping toolbar, Identity protection/identity safe storage/password manager, antiphishing/antipharming, automatic backup, email scanning, IM scanning, web mail scanning. I can go on and on, there are tons of features here people!

I don't think there is any more of a complete suite out there than this. This is COMPLETE PROTECTION for you paranoid people out there. Very light on resources including processor power and uses very little RAM.

My only complaint about Norton is that with every product they have, it leaves a lot of leftovers on your PC when uninstalling, mainly for subscription reasons/product settings. Also, the price. But, you get what you pay for. If you're good at getting good deals, such as trying out the trial version first, usually they'll email you with a coupon for a discount. It works very well to do it that way.

One good product out there not available in stores is MalwareBytes Antimalware, but you have to be careful where you download it. I HALF trust this program....

One other possibility is SUPERAntiSpyware, it does a good job finding things.

After all that.....there you go.


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Norton 360 is a virus in and of itself. It's such a resource hog. Seriously.

You didn't name the top three malware scanners:

1. Avast (Best AV Client)

2. Malwarebytes (Best Malware Scanner)

3. Combofix (Best Powerful Malware Removal Tool) ((Only use if instructed by a malware professional who is trained in combofix at bleepingcomputer, geekstogo, etc.))

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The best is to not have antivirus at all. I mean: install Ubuntu, Leopard, FreeBSD or whatever.

Why aren't you satisfied with AVG? I've been using it without problems up to now, though it's true sometimes it makes crazy things like launching automated scans when daily scans are disabled, etc... but at least is to me the best free antivirus I've found up to now. Else you have to pay if you want a better one.

PS: has someone tried AVG's paid version? does it really pay to have?

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AVG is good if you know what you are doing and take adequate procedures and dont do stupid things...

so in other words, if you're going to look up porn, it doesnt cut it.

You'll need to become friendly with hijackthis... ahh i've forgotten the name of it, but its a great little app that lets you get rid of 'suspicious' or annoying programs that load on startup.

AVG paid gives you proper protection. It should be noted that AVG free isnt going to give you protection against rootkits.

I never really like Nod32 or Avast... I found the updating to be annoying.

checkout AVG's website for a rundown on the different versions, the only reason they make AVG free is to get you to buy thier paid protection.

Im on Mac now mostly. Low maintenance =)

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I use avast professional anti virus. This is free anti virus and very effective to prevent virus attack in your personal computer. Also i recommend you to use Firewall such Comodo Internet Security.

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I use Nod32, hasn't let me down!

But a note to peeps bashing McAfee: you're right, EXCEPT if you consider their corporate solutions. That's what we have at work and dear god, I have to admit it's REALLY powerful. Mind you it cost like $1M to set up and takes 150 Mb of RAM on the clients, plus a huge server(s), so it's not for every day use that's for sure!

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