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Workplace Got Us Imacs!

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Our workplace just got us 800Mhz G4 iMacs. I can't believe how incredibly fluid OS X works with these new machines. I've been using Macs but with "ancient" G3's but after seeing how everything works in a G4, I must say that I'm now considering fully switching to the Mac platform. In fact, I'm now saving to get either a Powerbook or even the G5 for my personal use.

It's been fun being around the aqua-soft community. I've never seen a group that's so focused in re-creating the Aqua look in the Windows environment -- and having fun in the process! :D

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Taha, yeah, I just might get the G5 (But then I have to reinforce my rooms' walls right? ;)) A question... is the Apple Display good enough or should I consider other displays?

And I won't be leaving Aqua-Soft because I still have my ol' P4. :) I'll still drop by but not as often.

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dont worry taha, i've been testing g5 for few hours in a row, and i can tell you nothing is as fast.

Photohop, final cut were going light speed, on a 1.6ghz alone.


one thing about the g5 is that its HUGE computer. Very big case.

Works for me! (Y)

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