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Docklet Install Maker

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This is a program which makes easier to write docklet installers for ObjectDock, RocketDock and RKLauncher.

The installer will autodetect any running dock (between the ones mentioned above), and allows the user to select among them or to manually specify a folder.

The installer supports language files (embedded into installer's executable). The installer will auto-detect user's language at startup and choose correct language file.

The installer can have docklet files either embedded into itself, or download the files from Internet.

The only prerequisite is you must package all docklet files into a .rar file.

Please read the documentation.



Files included:

  • Documentation.txt: the documentation, please read this first!
  • InstallerStub.exe: the base executable from which the docklet installer is built, you can change installer icon with a resource hacker.
  • language-en.txt: english language file.
  • language-es.txt: spanish language file.
  • MakeInstaller.exe: this is the program you use to build the installer. It takes InstallerStub, language-* files, unrar.dll and the .rar archive with the docklet's files, and builds an installer.
  • unrar.dll: embedded into the installer to extract .rar contents, you can replace it with newer versions of unrar.dll (check at www.rarlab.com > RAR > Extras)


- Support for HTTP proxied connections.

- Support for non-latin languages such as russian, japanese, etc...



MakeInstaller building installer for Test Docklet, with .rar file included.


MakeInstaller building installer for Text Docklet, this time the installer will download file from Internet.


The test installer, built by MakeInstaller. In this case it has detected my locale, which is spanish, so it uses language-es.txt and shows everything in spanish (uses english by default if no language available).


The user chooses dock and the installer does the hard work. :P


The installer has finished.

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