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Deleting Windows

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So I installed Windows 7 to test it on my desktop PC. Now I have used it and dont want to use it any more since its a hassle for me to install stuff all over again and everything. Just wanted to know if formatting the drive will do the job or something else will be required

Windows Vista Home premium on C:

Windows 7 on D: (formatting this drive?)

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I think it'll work if you boot up Vista and go under Disk management and format D:. However, I'm not sure how Windows 7 and Vista play together and which partition has the bootloader - deleting the boot partition can cause problems with loading an os.

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I'd suggest you try to run fixmbr first, then delete the partition.

If I recall right, you have to insert Vista's install DVD (or CD?), restart your PC and boot with the DVD, and enter into rescue mode or recovery console (not sure how to do this, I don't have or installed Vista myself, but it is available in Windows XP install CD so it must be mostly the same).

You don't load Vista or 7, just boot the DVD and enter the recovery console. Now just type fixmbr and press Enter :)

BTW I'm not sure if you have to run fixmbr, fixboot or maybe both.

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1. Insert the Windows XP CD into your CD drive and restart your computer. If you are prompted, select any options required to start (boot) from the CD.

2. When the text-based part of Setup begins, follow the prompts. Select the repair or recover option by pressing R.

3. If you have a dual-boot or multiboot system, select the installation that you want to access from the Recovery Console.

4. When you are prompted, type the Administrator password.

5. Then you should see this:

Microsoft Windows® Recovery Console

The Recovery Console provides system repair and recovery functionality.

Type EXIT to exit the Recovery Console and restart the computer.


Which Windows Installation would you like to log on to ?

(To cancel, press ENTER)

6. Press 1 and then enter

7. Type fixmbr and then enter

8. Type Y to confirm, then enter

9. Reboot by typing exit

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