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Bookmark Bar Issue With Safari

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I downloaded the latest version of Safari the other day and just now am getting around to using it. I'm having quite an annoying issue with the bookmarks bar. It's replacing a lot of my site names and folder names with "..." . For instance, I have a folder named "IMPORTANT". On the bar it's showing up as "IMP...ANT". GMAIL is GM...L. etc. Anyone else have this problem and know how to resolve it? I can include a screen shot if needed.

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u are using it on PC? if yes, I have to tell you bookmarks bar depends on size and font of your windows' menu item.

I have it changed to 11 pix Lucida Grande and it takes just too much space in Safari.

Also if you change font to something like Lucida G or Lucida Mac or OBFont, fonts in safari appear as Times New Roman.

In this situations I just sacrifice using bookmarks bar because anyway I use topsites....

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