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Apply Custom Background To All Explorer Folders?

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Hey there

Recently, I've been learning to customize my Windows laptop and so far, so good. I managed to change my explorer into this:


I used the desktop.ini trick to change the explorer's background, and it worked just great (as you can see)

But now that I want to apply this background to all my other folders, I got stuck

The desktop.ini file I made only applied to the "My documents" folder, while I want every folders to have that same background when I open them via explorer

So, do you know of any tricks that would help me accomplish this?

(I'm using Win XP)

Thank you for your help

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Windows 98 comes with a utility named Customize Folder Wizard (ieshwiz.exe) using which you can customize folders easily. The Customize Folder Wizard automates the Desktop.ini and Folder.htt editing process. This utility works fine in Windows XP as well.

For Windows Vista, see note at the end of this article.

This will let you do folders with different backgrounds also, You can get it here...


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