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Hello, looking to figure out how to create the gallerys of DVD cases? And so that the icons have the best resolution (how to change size, spacing, etc.)I have attached some links to screentshots of what I am hoping to get, or atleast something similar. Any information would be helpful! I tried to do this and the .ico files came out VERY grainy at the 128px size. If anyone has any cool examples with some hints on how to do it would be appreciated!



Thanks again!


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Looks like to me you gonna have to be makin' a shit load of icons, searching for movie covers/DVD covers, etc. to acheive what you want. Look at Pinky's screens, basically showing you how it was done. Maybe Pinky could spare the .psd for you?

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I already have 100’s of dvd cases that a guy posted on devianta rt, I just want to find out how to change the spacing, change the background, resize the icons and generally make it look nicer. Any tips greg would be awesome :D basically I want your folder :D

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Are you changing the icons of the files themselves or are you making shortcuts to the movies and changing the icons of the shortcuts?

I'd recommend the second way.

My Styler icon settings

Icon Size = 128px

Horizontal Spacing = 72px

Vertical spacing = 86px

The shelves background is the most annoying bit to get right, you have to keep tweaking it in Photoshop.

Here's what my PNG icons look like before putting them into .ico's through Converticon.com


If you do want my PSD file just ask.


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