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Windowblinds Problem

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Sorry for making a new topic so early after my other, but I have a small (kind of big for me) problem. I see people's desktops online and I notice that the forward and back buttons change along with the WindowBlinds skin. Well, when ever I apply a skin, the forward and back buttons on IE and Windows Explorer stay the same. Is it Vista? Does this part of Vista never change? Is there a glitch in my product? Should I reinstall?

I have the 64-bit version of Windows, 4GB of RAM, 320GB Hard Drive, Nvidia 9600M GT, Intel Pentium 2 GHz, it's an HP Pavillion Dv7t. That information probably doesn't matter, but it might.

- thanks

EDIT: Oops, I think this is the wrong section. sorry

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they have probably used styler to change the forward and back buttons. I too have a problem with window blinds, whenever im dragging a window the top part of the window becomes separated aka the part that window blinds changes becomes separated when dragging windows.

-this happen to anyone else

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I had this problem too, but there's a solution. What I did was to download the shareware version of skinstudio and change it myself. I just used the arrows from a WB-theme that had them from the get go and applied them to the theme I wanted to use. It's fairly simple, let me know if you want any more help

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