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Should I Get Miranda Im?

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Hello AqiaCommunity. I'm a along tim AIM user. So I even used up to 6.9BETA2. Though on my system, on occasions when I have both XWD and AIM open I get the deadly BSOD! SO i've heard of Miranda IM. Though I'm a bit lost, I don't know much about it. Does it support multiChats? Does it have VideoConferencing? And can anyone tell me how to install correctly then customize it to give it the best Leopard iChat interface? Thnx to all of you who help.


Second topic:

Can anyone recommend good screen recording Apps (prefer good free ones)? Would like that very much

(Please reply to first topic mostly, and if ya can, the second one)

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It does not support multi-chat for AIM users, it does not support video conferencing (or mic conferencing). You'll need to stop being lazy and learn how to customize it to look like Leopard on your own.

Um, thxn fro the info I guess? And I only asked 'cause I thought that if u screwed up just once it'll f**k up the Comp so hard. But nvm that, if Miranda doesn;t have conferencing then its a no go for me. Thnx KAWSquared, for the info

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I just tried to install digsby, but it can't install because it's trying to connect to an ad server (freeze.com) that I have blocked on my network.. no thank you

Update: I found an installer that didn't have the extra crapware offers

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