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The Registry Path Under Windowsvista?

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Um, with TuneUp utilities there's an option that it can add the Copy/Move To Folder option in the context menu. However I want to know whats the exact registry location 'cause this happened. I guess my Norton 09 did a pulse update and now when I rightclick on file/folder the menu uses the system colors and shows the Norton icon where it says "Scan this file/folder". This wasn't like this the day before so it HAS to be Norton. If anyone knows how to fix this issue I'm having plz help?

Here's an image of what I mean problem.jpg.

Please anyone help in anyway they can

Re-Titled - thanks mps69


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It's not that I won't try it, it's just that I can't try it. I'm 14, so I still have my dad around me. He purchased Norton 09 so we can both use 'em. He'll get severely pissed if I didn't use it and make him waste money when there's a cheaper version available for just one licensee instead of 3. Plus I'm happy with Norton, even, and when, I get a Mac; even though it's so far virus free, I'll use Norton for that "I'M A FREAKING BEAST" kinda security :D

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