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Sysstats Crashes


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Hi all,

I've had my avedesk working for ages but now it crashes all the time when i trie to add a text overlay to any config.

I've tried with a new clean theme and it still crashes.It seems the problem it's caused by sysstats, because it also occurs when i try to use sysstats with another application like rocket dock or object dock. Clean up my registry, made a fresh install of sysstats and it still crashes. By the way, i had avedesk running with sysstats for a least a year without problems, but I've had to reinstall to computer and after that i've never managed to make him work. All the configs that i was running won't load the text overlay class and every time i try to add a text overlay class to a config old or new it crashes. By the way my OS is XP Pro Sp3.

Any help would be appreciated.

Error log file attached.


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This is a copy of the reply I put under the Avedesk sub-forum:

Ok... strange in deed. Which version of Ave and SysStats do you have? I found Ave 1.4 was unbelievably buggy under XP so I had to downgrade to 1.3. Also there was a version of SysStats going around that was faulty. The latest is 2.5.11 if I'm not mistaking, and you're better off getting it straight from judge's site here.

It does sound like a sysstat issue though, more than Avedesk. Just to make sure, try to run Ave without any Sysstats items activated.

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This is a copy of the reply I put under the Avedesk sub-forum:

Hi technosinner,

My version of Avedesk is 1.3 and sysstats is 2.5.11. I can run avedesk, rocket dock or object dock without any problem, with or without sysstats. Sysstats only crashes and makes the application close when i select to add a text overlay class to a new or existing config. My older configs are working well except for the fact that they don't show any text any more. For example i have a memory meter that is supposed to show a graph and the value of free ram over the graph. The graph still works but there is no text showing because sysstats simply made my text overlay class disappear.

Thanks a lot for your help, and sorry for my bad english.

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in order to get sysstats to work on Vista all you need to do is...

quit rocketdock

go to C\programfiles\rocketdock\

right click on rocketdock.exe

select properties

select compatibility tab

check run as administrator


now extract sysstats to c/programfiles/rocketdock (it should put all files in necessary folders without you doing anything

start rocketdock

right click a space bar

select add item

select sysstats (blue "?" should appear)

right click "?"

select load

find doclet you want to load

select config. folder

select .ini file

and you should be good to go

also sometimes you may need to configure a docklet to get background to show...

this is done by right clicking icon

selecting configure

opening overlay tab

highlighting background

select configure

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