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Remove Address Bar In Vista?


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Where did u get foctional buttons for view style in ur windows? which sidebar u use?

This is Mac Finder Toolbar for Windows xp v0.3.2,it`s not completely functional because it's not made for vista it behaves like in xp,u can't change icons size by it slider,Sidebar is Vista`s default i just put some icons with Place,Devices... to separate deferent sections.

Sorry for my English

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Thanks Nikola

I don't really know how u can remove ur address bar, but I can give u some advices for looking more like leopard

- For having the buttons (min/max/close) in the left side : http://hsiw.web.fc2.com/

- For having the roll option (the window roll into its title bar), besides transparent windows : http://www.softpedia.com/get/Desktop-Enhan...s/WinRoll.shtml

- For having tabs and list look (with blue lines) QTTabBar

I don't use Mac finder Toolbar but I got Zeus themes (u won't have foctional buttons but at least you won't have to remove the address bar). ;)

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Hey Nikola how did u get rid of the bar that usually sits below the address bar? The one that says "Organize, View, System Properties" etc

That handle shellstyle.dll you can menage that with ZeusOSX theme by Zeus from Da.It just autohide it.

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i've had for the last 6 months. All the sites visited EVER! Still appear in the drop-down list on the address bar. I'm using windows vista home premium & the firefox browser. I've delete them manually from the list but they reappear immediately. Using 'tool' & 'options' makes no difference either. I've downloaded 'hide unvisited add-on' but that makes no difference either.

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