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Help - Can Someone Learn How To Correctly Install, Customize, And Use Miranda Im For Windowsvista?

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Ok I use (as of now) Aim v6.9 Beta2. It's great but I also have IM accounts for Yahoo and MSN. So I found a youtube video from Chris Pirillo talking about BeeJive for the iPhone, an all-in-one IM app that works great. He mentioned for desktops to use other apps and he mentioned Miranda IM. I've seen post before that if ya dont do things right you make screw up your computer. So can anyone help me to correctly install the latest version of Miranda IM, install a Leopard iChat theme, and install any plugins that I need to almost perfectly emulate Leopard's iChat?

Thanks again AquaCommunity and please help.


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pidgin, trillian also do it for windows.

But if you want it to perfectly resemble ichat. first check deviantart under customization, skins and themes, instant messengers and see if there any ichat skins. then check what program it is and then dl and follow the readme.

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