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[release] Photobooth Clone!

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more importantly, can i install the real photobooth to an HFS+ external and run it off Macdrive 8?

You will never be able to do that. The frameworks for a Mac application and a Windows application are not the same. Macs use .APP and Windows uses .EXE. Mac can run .EXE with programs like CrossOver or Parallel Desktop, but Windows will never be able to run Mac applications.


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Will this work for Vista?

it should =D

if it doesnt, run it in COMPATIBILITY MODE as WINDOWS XP HOME. If it STILL doesnt work, try running in administrator mode. If neither work, try running in BOTH administrator mode, and compatibility mode.

If it still doesnt work, post a reply with symptoms.

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I need help! the first time i turned it on it worked fine..but the second time it is just showing a white screen

First off, be sure you downloaded the latest version of this Phtobooth Clone (found HERE)

make sure your Webcam is not in use by any other applications, you have the latest version of Flash, and if none of those work, try running the application in Administrator mode.

Also, you can try right clicking the window, and choosing the flash player option that allows access to the webcam.

if none of this works, please post more symptoms or what you have done to try and fix the problem and i will be glad to help


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Guest simonsaysno

I'm running Ubuntu and I would love to use this. The SWF from the original packaging works, but obviously I am not able to run .exe files. I've tried with Wine and it doesn't work. Can someone please, please, pleeeeease make this program useable to Ubuntu/Linux users? Thank you!

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wow this is great!!!

i really like it, and it's almost exactly the same as it is on a mac :)

but the backgrounds you added in the newest version don't work at my computer...

don't know why.

it says step out of the frame, and then nothing happens...

is this normal?

greetz joNoNi

EDIT: OK it works :P

my camera is old, so i have to wait a while, but it works :)

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I downloaded it but it keeps saying "Photobooth has stopped working" and then it closes! I have Windows Vista, so is this a problem? How can I fix it?

Here are some pictures

Mine also said "photobooth.exe has stopped working". The swf is working though. I am using Windows 7 x64, if that has to do with anything

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Hey guys, I just installed this yesterday and I've been trying to get it to work, with out any success.

I've already installed FP10 and IE7, changed the adobe settings to always allow local to use mic/camera etc, and it stil does not work.

When I opened the .exe file it just showed this.


Would appreciate some help. :D


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i tried many times to click allow but the thing just wouldnt respond. any solution?

open Photobooth.swf (not the .exe file) with firefox or I.E.

Right click and select Setup (or settings... something like that, mine is in spanish) now you're going to be able to allow the webcam. Check the "remember" (again, I don't know what says in english) box and you're ready to go, now you can execute the Photobooth.exe without problems.

I hope you will understand what I'm trying to explain, good luck.

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