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Stacks Docklet 2.0

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Stacks Docklet 2.0

Warning: this is a pre-beta release. It may contain missing options / missing features / errors / memory leaks / etc... Bug reports will be taken into account as long as they aren't RocketDock/RkLauncher/bad-shortcut-overlay-removal bugs. Feature requests will be silently ignored until beta release. :rolleyes:


You have two alternatives:

Big thanks go to schmrom and File2Go for providing this wonderful file hosting service.


- If you use AveDesk or whatever and can't access settings, now you can Alt+click the docklet to access settings.

- Doesn't crash when clicking an image now (maybe solves problem with crashing shortcuts and other crashing stuff too, I wasn't able to reproduce them because those worked right here).

- I'm now handling icons a bit different, they may not work with your icons. If this is the case, please PM those icons to me so I can test them. If they are inside an executable or .dll use Resource Hacker. If you dunno how to extract the icon or where is it, just post a screenshot of it (both how it looks in your Explorer and how it looks in stack).

- No reflective mode yet, please wait until Advanced options are implemented :P (done)

Enjoy. ;)

To-do list:

- Write TweakStacks with option to enable/disable tweaks such as reflective mode. Implement Advanced section.

- Check what's going on with Vista 256x256 "png" icons in XP, and if LoadImage works with them under Windows 7. I'm rendering icons the hard way... needs some finishing touchs yet, specially under Windows 7 64-bit (someone has a resource extractor code for 64 bit libs under 32 bit?)

- Implement drag and drop (to be able to drop files into the stack (done), and to be able to drag a file from the stack into somewhere else).

(*) will be available in next prebeta release.


- Trim too-long names in grid view (done).

- Set minimum icon size in grid view to 48 (done).

- Try changing TGridSettings.horz_spacing to fixed values and use different icon_size ranges, for e.g. 48..64 -> horz_spacing = 64; 64..96 -> horz_spacing = 32; 128 -> horz_spacing = 0; (done)

- Implement grid name expand on hover (Stacks Library) (done).

- Implement show Open Folder / %d more items icon (Stacks Library -> special_last_item:BOOL property) (done)

- Implement drag and drop (to be able to drop files into the stack (done).


Note: I'm publishing this as a new thread per Panta recommendation. I'd have done it this way, anyway, as Stacks Docklet 2.0 is a complete rewrite from scratch.

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Ok it's not working so far with Object dock 1.9 build 536 (latest)

Here's a log of what happens.

Followed the instructions word for word on the readme.

Right click near the dock to add the docklet and clicked add stackdocklet 2.0

Can see where the new dock is on mouse hover because it says stack docklet 2.0. But it has no icon with it. So I right click the new stack and click "properties" but after clicking properties nothing comes up and my dock completely freezes which requires me to restart the dock via taskmanager.

Running XP SP2

Dock is set to optimize memory and has low image quality.

Oldest version of stack docklet is working well on my dock currently and it is combined with chrisn'soft's standalone stack.


Ok matonga here's the deal. I just read kamil's post and I was curious as to why his worked but mine didn't, so I started changing options on objectdock and it worked with the first thing I did.

I moved the docks position from where it is position on the top of my screen, to the bottom of my screen and the preferences work now!

The only thing I can do in the preferences though is to change which folder it stacks from. All other options are greyed out. Also my stack docklet still has no icon for it, and I can't change the icon because that option is greyed out.

Also the memory leak is absolutely fixed. Good job! The CPU usage is almost the same as the previous stack but the memory leak is solved. Great job.

So I tried after setting up my stack on the bottom of the screen to move it back to the top and try the stack but it doesn't work again, and it froze my dock like before.

So after restarting it this time I aligned it to the left and right of the screen and it worked, however the stack didn't go out left or right, it went only straight up. My start menu is located at the top of my screen and is hidden.

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First, thank you, Matonga, for all the great apps!

I'm using the same version of ObjectDock (1.9 build 536) and the stack works quite smoothly, but there are some flaws:

- when the stack is closed, icons are visible below the bottom of the overlay icon;

- when it is open, the stack's title is still visible (both illustrated in the picture below);

- memory use rises from ca. 3,5 MB (with 4 old stacks) to over 7 MB (4 old + 1 new).

Anyway, I like it already.


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However, may I ask if you could please inform us of the changes to each version?

I just upgraded to the 16th Feb version and now I have a reflected dock icon that cannot be disabled.

Ooops, sorry :)

Only change from version feb-15 to version feb-16 is a smoother transition from first dock icon to stack icons. Hard to explain. Just a little detail.

Reflective mode is always there, I forgot to disable the code before publishing, sorry.

This is what I have in mind:

- Implement all features as per the to-do list.

- Write a TweakStacks app (sort of TweakUI but for the stacks) allowing to customize fonts, icon sizes, spacing, text and background colors, etc... Stacks docklet 2.0 will be is much more customizable than previous version. All those things I've just mentioned are already implemented, but there is no way for the user to set them yet, they are set to defaults.

- Among those options, there will be an option "make reflective icon". Why? Because some people such as me, uses SirSmiley's iReflector app, or reflective icon sets, or whatever to emulate sort of a reflective dock. And a very big problem with old Stacks Docklet was that icons weren't reflective. Now, you'll have this possibility. Indeed, what you have noticed is nothing more, and nothing less, than a feature leak. :D It was not supposed to be known yet by you (I mean all of you, the users). I promise I'll try not to leak any features in the future. :P

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Works great here. Win XP SP3. RKL built 275.

PS.: Even if it will be ignored until beta release :rolleyes: :

One thing with the 3d icons (which look fabulous).

Is it possible for the release to have the icons fade out at the bottom (or to have the option to create a alpha channel for the shadow by the user), because right now it looks chopped at the bottom.

PSS.: I cannot drag files into the stack anmymore.

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matonga, thank you for keeping us informed of your plans for the docklet. Deciding to rewrite everything from scratch really was the best thing you could have done!

May I ask if you have any suggestions for how I can realise the following functionality within Stacks Docklet 2.0?

Currently, I assign the stack to a 'Drives' folder, which contains six shortcuts to local and network drives, thus:


There is a 'USB' icon which is set to open the 'E:\' drive, however depending on which USB stick or portable drive I am using, and which USB port the device is connected to, Windows may sometimes mount the device as 'F:\' or even 'G:\'. Ideally, I would like the stack to be dynamic - changing to reflect the USB devices that are connected.

I realise that I could assign the stack to 'My Computer', however I only wish to show certain drives, and not all of the other shell folders. Furthermore, I would also miss the ability to set custom icons for each of the drives. I wonder if it would be possible to hide certain entries that appear in 'My Computer', while also being able to assign different icons?

Many thanks for this terrific docklet - keep up the great work!




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hola matias como estas?.. muy ansioso por la liberacion de la beta de esta 2da version de uno de los mejores docklets que existen.. te queria informar un problema.. uso Rocketdock, y la posicion del dock es la parte superior de la pantalla, despues de agregar el Stackdocklet 2.0 doy click derecho al icono y luego hago click en Opciones de Icono para configurar.. pues la ventana de opciones se abre pero muy arriba y por lo tanto lo unico que veo es esto:post-90621-1234916430_thumb.png

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I'm already talking with Chris n' Soft (author of StandaloneStack) for the new version, based on Stacks Library (Stacks Docklet 2.0 uses it) (I wrote both the docklet and the library). Stay tuned. ;)


I would indeed write a separate docklet for this. Fortunately enough for you, this is easy now because of Stacks Library.


This is a problem of File2Go. If the problem persists I'll inform them. Thanks.

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The download link is not working... I get the following error when trying to download the RAR file:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ')' in /var/www/vhosts/file2go.net/httpdocs/download.php on line 30


This is a problem of File2Go. If the problem persists I'll inform them. Thanks.

Just saw this post, the problem is fixed.

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