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The Switch Back To Ipb

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This is just a heads up to let you guys know what exactly is going on with the site. As you guys can see we are no longer on vBulletin and are now on Invision Board. This change has no impact on subscribers of the Aqua-Soft skin (you may still access it with your account the same way you did before). This was done for two reasons, one was our vBulletin license was about to expire and the other is I personally did not like the direction the software was heading. The original idea was to wait till Invision Board 3.0 came out (which is currently in beta form) but the date for the final version was too far away. Also thanks goes to Simon over at Neowin, and Jason from IPB for helping me get everything converted.

So please use this thread to report and bugs, problems, suggestions or anything relating to the forums.

Just some things to note.

  • All users must reset their passwords, they can do so here. If you have problems resetting your account, you may send me an email with the username and email you used to register at [email protected]
  • The forum at the moment looks pretty bad. I do plan on porting the skin over, but that takes time. So I'll be adding small things here and there to help make the experience a tad better.
  • The main page will return this weekend hopefully, it relies on vBulletin so I'll have to find a way to do the same with ipb.
  • Things are a bit different from vBulletin but most of the feature set is pretty much the same. So if you need help with finding something just post here.

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well im still tring to get use to the new look <_<

It's not the new look, this is the default IPB skin. Timan still has to port the old skin over from VBulletin over to this one.

EDIT: Oh btw, what do you mean by "back to Ipb"? Was A-S originally on ipb?

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well im still tring to get use to the new look <_<

the aqua-soft look will come back, but it will cost some time before Timan can

port the theme to ipb

and @ Timan:

there seems to be a rights issue, I can't edit my profile

... or edit anything else on the UCP :huh:

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Might be a bug in "My Controls"

The only link working within "Personal Profile" is change display.

All the other links, edit avatar, edit signature, etc. seem to give the error "You are not allowed to use this part of the board".

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At last! Aqua Soft 4 theme!

The IPB Classic Blue theme was just driving me mad.

The forum comes little by little to normal again.

(I don't care if it is powered by vBulletin or IPB, as long as it works ;)).


BTW thanks Timan for your efforts on getting this working as usual!

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Also thanks goes to Simon over at Neowin, and Jason from IPB for helping me get everything converted.

Always happy to help out ;)

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing that A-S4 theme done, aqua-soft has always had the best looking forums. But you probably need to take a break at some point :P

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They should of, I have all the pm's I had before. Is anyone else experiencing that?

For me, everything is working fine. All PMs got transferred. So, very nice job imho! :rolleyes:

I also suggest to make the AS4-Theme the default one. Okay, it has some glitches, but it is already waaaaaay better than the default theme. I'm using it all the time and would prefer to see it, if I'm not logged in, too :)

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Heh, I should disable it. Only 2 parts of that skin look correct (forum index and board index) the rest is completely unskinned. I'm trying my hardest to get it done this week. This ipb2.x is more of a bitch to skin than anything else.

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