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Alright, so I have Vista Ultimate 32bit.. I have MirandaIM installed (latest version) unicode.. I cannot find ieview.dll in unicode... I also don't know how to set up tabsrmm skins or anything of that sort. I apologize for the question, but if anyone could help me, it'd be much appreciated.

MSN: [email protected]

If anyone would be willing to direct connect, that'd be even better. :) Thanks. :D

Nevermind, a very kind modder guided me through the process. I still have one quick question, however. How would I go about replacing shell32.dll? I have the file and I know where the current one is, but it says it's currently in use. If I kill explorer.exe, then I can't move it! I'm a little lost..

Also, any recommendations for Visual Styles for Vista 32bit? Thanks again.

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replacer ?

I used to modify shell32 on xp, but haven't tried that on vista, it seems the same process

remember that there's a lot of icons on a different dll on vista, I can't recall the name at the moment, but if you try to change some icons Vista will point you out to said dll file.

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