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Safari Min/Max

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I post this before anyone else does: :)

Server is down.

Will be up again 17 p.m. GMT+00 time.



I've been trying to hide the menu bar with no success.

I was able to hide the menu and move the toolbars up, then I tried to resize the web view and it goes like crazy, trying to recover it's original position. If I don't move them up, an empty space is left where the menu bar should be. It looks ugly (both ways).

I'm sure you'll find out, Matonga, thank's a lot,

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this is a really nice app dude

ass all have been askign, why not for itunes, it would be great, can u make a leftsider sort of program for itunes and safari so i an have my themes buttons on the left side, this could be a good proyect for you, sorry if go off topic.

Do not double post - use the edit function - mps69

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hey matonga..impossible can u make this button backgound look same color wid safari or cut d rectangle bg or transparent it like what u did in apple min max mybe adding themes folder.

That's quite not the solution :) let's see: the window is focused. However by some reason SafariMinMax believes the window not to be in focus. Is there a popup open? Which page is being shown? (sorry but I need to repeat the exact steps you did to reproduce the problem and solve it).

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Hi matonga! :)

Do you intend supporting Safari 4 too? For now it's working but not with left-side due to the tab on top of S4. I also noticed some difference between S4 default 'color' and SMM; I use WB but included S4 in the exclusion list of it.

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Is that actually what your iTunes looks like? how did you do it?

Every other app i use has mac style button but iTunes and i really want them!!

oh by the way my other apps look like mac buttons thanks to matonga's brilliant program AppleMinMax



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