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Which game should i buy ?

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Although I think that this thread is completely pointless, I'll have to say get GOW 2. This game, just like the first game is rock solid and well worth your money. GTA 4 is just a souped-up GTA 3 with better graphics and a mediocre cover and fire system. I haven't had the chance to play COD World at War yet, but my friends tell me this game is awesome. Like I said before, if you want a rock solid, fun, game with a high replay value, get GOW 2.

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i would say none. They are all bad games


Shoot UP MY BUT!

Its one of them TOM CLANCY Games

First off, I don't think anyone would want to "Shoot up your but", it's kind of gay.

Second, learn how to spell butt dude. Butt and But, see how the one on the left has two t's?

Third, this comment is just downright uncalled for and I hope it gets deleted.

This thread may not have a point to it, but you shouldn't post things like this. You should let the Moderators comment on it.

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well i got a used GTA 4 for cheap (like only played once/twice) .. no scratches on disc whatsoever.

Game is supercool.. aiming is kinda bad.. but i played it for like 4 hours straight. Gonna get GOW2 next week! thanks for the feedback guys.

And why is this pointless.. its not like just for this i will join another forum and ask ppl from those forums..

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