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M. Yamaguchi Is Back?

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No it's not exactly what i'm talking about. I mean an option where normally all apps are excluded and only some apps (choosen by you) are included. My problem is that i'm using WB for skinning windows vista, and the windows have allready a shadow. Except for iTunes and objectbar. Besides the attach drop shadow to menus option it's great to emulating the Mac menus. On the other hand, you can only exclude 32 apps, and all the #32770 windows type are allways included, thus it's impossible to exclude the whole pakage.

I recomend you to see the blend preferences in the link above, there you'll see that there's an option where the app includes only the apps in the list (the apps that you have choosen). Thanks for replying firecracker6.

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You're description is pretty thorough and I follow you now. YzShadow indeed does not have the functionality you wish & described as far as I can tell.

The author has not updated his program in a while and it still is in Beta. I wonder if the programs going to go back into hiatus for a while again... regardless, I suspect that if someone doesn't post your request in Japanese on his site, it probably has a slim chance of being added.

If you want to do a screenshot picture, with little text but visually demonstrates your request, I could probably post your image with the other request from another thread, on behalf of you. (If you're unable to do it yourself.) As best my schedule allows for of course ;)

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I know it's been awhile since I checked back in with this thread. Just wanted to let you know that I did, back in Feb/March, post your screenshots and request in Japanese on his site. But it wasn't until afterward did I notice that M. Yamaguchi has comments hidden until approved so our post, along with others before, have not been reviewed and accepted to appear on the site.

Let's hope YzShadow will continue to see development in the future ;)

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