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Worst Mac Experience

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I got a mac mini 2 months ago and after a month of using it . it kept on crashing and telling me to shutdown my computer evrey 15 mins. so i took it to the apple store they dident know what was wrong with it so they sent it to repair they said it would take 4 days so i waited for 4 days and went to the store to collect it then thay said it will take another week :( and that the next week arriver whent to the apple store and then thay said another week i was getting very annoyed . 2 days later thay called me and said that they need the power adapter for the computer and that they did do anything to it yet i almost threw my phone out the window yeterday a gust droped off the power adapter and gess what they said iot will take another week :(

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That's almost unbelievable. I've never heard of this kind of treatment by Apple. Have you talked to a supervisor? I would think that they would replaced it rather than stringing you along for weeks. Like I said....it's just not Apple.

Yeah I second this. Apple is very courteous when it comes to stuff like this. When I had my iPod touch, the screen was very dark and blurry, and they sent me another like 1 1/2 weeks later. Well, did you ever hear from them again?

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