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speed up your xp

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you can boost up the performance of your windows xp

An easy way to "speed up your xp" if you are not using a printer or lan network oftenly. as xp keep on scanning for networks or printers connected on to the pc. so disable it get some speed by freeing up your resources. here are the steps. you can do this easily from "folder options".

1. Open My Computer

2. Open the C: Drive or any other drive

3. Choose "Folder Options" from the Tools menu

4. Select "Use Windows classic folders"

5. Select the "View" tab.

6. Unchecked the "Automatically search for network folders and printers" option.

7. Click "Apply"

8. Click the "Apply to All Folders" button

9. Click OK.

you are done

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Uhhh, I think I'll keep the 3 extra clock cycles it takes to do this and keep my XP looking half-decent.

This tip doesn't have anything to do with looks. You don't compromise visual styles or effects, this is simply something that Windows does in the background. You don't absolutely need it, so you can safely turn it off and in return gain "3 extra clock cycles". It might not be much of a gain, but at least the guy posted something positive, so keep your negativity out of Aqua-Soft!

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