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iTunes Control Scripts for XWD 5.4


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For XWD version 5.4 - iTunes Control Scripts

scrips for iTunes

decompress : scrip itunes.zip

iTunes prev/next/play/pause

a) Add new stack

B) Add .vbs files

1 Previous.vbs

2 Play Pause.vbs

3 NextTrack.vbs

4 Pause.vbs

5 Stot.vbs

6 Mute.vbs

By Panta: renamed. Please don't use generic names like XWD 5.4 Tools for something that has a specific scope.


c) Replace icon and caption






iTunes Star Rating

a) Add new stack

B) Add Rating.vbs


c) Edit, Replace icon and caption

none =caption 0 / Parameter 0

* =caption 1 / Parameter 1

** =caption 2 / Parameter 2

*** =caption 3 / Parameter 3

**** =caption 4 / Parameter 4

***** =caption 5 / Parameter 5




scrip itunes.zip

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Very nice, I've been waiting for some control in X for iTunes. Any chance on a docklet more like the one for RKLauncher that lets you control everything from a right click of the dock icon (and will even allow for album art display while iTunes is playing/running when minimized)?

This docket that I mention for RK Launcher is the ONLY reason that I still use it over XWindows Dock. I love the ease of config of the XWindows dock and it has so many pluses over RK to me, but the iTunes is a killer docklet that I use heavily.

Does anyone know of anything for XWindows like i mention above? I figured it was just a matter of time before it was developed and I could make the full switch.

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