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Hi everybody,

It's pretty hard to notice updates of skins/docklets/animations right now, because the thread don't go to the top on edits, only on new posts.

So I had the idea to create a rss-feed as an update tracker.

Don't know what you think about it, but we could give it a try. I will use it for a while, and it would be nice if some others post their updates there, too. If it doesn't work out, who cares?


XWD-Users can track updates via this link:




XWD-Developers (Skin, Docklets, Animations, everything like that) can post their updates (if they want) by login in:


Email: [noparse][email protected][/noparse]

Passwort: dockyourmind

go to "Feed-Manager" -> click "Add-item", right beneath "XWindowsDock - Update Tracker". It's pretty easy.

Everybody here can mess with this account, so I'm curious if this is working :P


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