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Buying a Cell Phone

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Hey guys,

I know what I want with next months pay check I have a few options like ones below.

The thing is that i have a Nokia 6120 Classic phone now with me and being a sophomore at university now is really getting hectic where i tend to forget a lot of stuff and also i need some productivity boost and some enjoyment too. SO:

The new Nokia N97 (awesome!)

Nokia E71

Apple iPhone 3G (not so much, because its seen like everywhere)

Google's G1 (thisis a good one too)

If there are any sugessions please do write here.

N97, G1 are not available/launched in Kuwait So i am planning to buy them from states. I have a mailbox there which will ship it to my doorstep here. Can you please temme where can i buy these phones from at the best rates.

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Nokia N97 is cool, Nokia E71 too, but how about Sony Ericcson XPeria X1 ? It has Windows Mobile and a screen res 480x800 ... I haven't seen that one here in Transylvania :(

btw I started to dislike the iPhone, because the softhare has many limitations, I like to hack into system files, but the iPhone is too limited for this...

I have a Nokia 6124c and I like to see all system files of the Symbian OS :)

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If your really looking for a quality phone, then I would rather go for N82, its the perfect mobile phone for me, it has 8megapixel xenon flash camera that is perfect in capturing photos and videos unlike other phones who doesn't have xenon, and also other applications of N82 are pretty useful..

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Please dont talk about 5310XM.. It was an awesome phone i had which poped outta my pocket when i went for horse riding..:( was one hella phone. And i dont wanna buy it back.

What do i want in a phone:

1. Awesome Organizing functions. (now tht i am in university-2nd yr- its getting hard and i find it hard to remember everything)

2. Decent camera. I Like to take snaps here and there often. So it would be great if i had good quality images to share.

3. Wifi - Need this for sure

4. 3.5mm audio (doesnt matter if all the rest are there, but would be good to haf this)

5. QWERTY keyboard

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