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Browser wars!

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Firefox is currently my favourite browser. It's fast, and it can be customised. If Firefox isn't working or whatever, the next browser I'd open would be Chrome. Here's my personal order.

1. Firefox

2. Chrome

3. Safari 3

4. Internet Explorer 7

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Firefox totally owns every other browser. Tried Opera twice and I will admit that it gets close to firefox when it comes to awesomeness (which includes just about everything!). Never went down the bad ie-road though - stay clean^^

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chrome, for me. i love the clean minimalist aero look & the omnibar. i almost always have a lot of apps running in the background (tweetdeck, songbird/zune, dashboard+gadgets, feeddemon etc). so other than foxtabs (which is awesome) there's no particular firefox add-on i can think of that i have much use for.

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Well i'd have to say

1.Firefox (duh)

2.Google Chrome (super fast and good for my netbook)

3.Opera (tons of features)


4.Safari, it has that 'appe' look to it :)

But as for statistics, Firefox uses a lot of RAM and the more addons you add, the slower it gets. Chrome is just made to be fast in nature, i can't wait for the Chrome OS to be finished. Opera is also good with speed but has too many stuff at first and isn't realy user friendly in my experiance. Safari is badass, i used it once when i was looking for a good browser for my netbook, but i stopped using it when some app didnt work on facebook, lol.

Oh and if you want the fastest browser in my experience, get K-Meleon. It looks a bit crappy but it hardly uses up any RAM and runs pretty fast on XP.

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I use Firefox. I see a lot of people who have replied before me also use Firefox. I love how you can customize it and above all else, I love how it doesn't crash and get infected by spyware as much as other browsers! I've used Firefox since it came out and haven't looked back since.

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have used firefox, opera, IE and chrome..

The most best of them all i found it to be Firefox. But also found some problem in firefox..it is really damn slow for slow pc..im running PIII.. and it really do make my system slow if i do open many tabs..except this every thing about firefox is great.

The most best thing about fire fox is its addons.

on second i use opera..its one quite really good browser..

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Guest Di7ra

I was using Firefox long time before i switched for Chrome. Personally i found FF best browser for bloging (as it lets more actions with loading images and so on). And Chrome is best for for browsing.

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