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Browser wars!

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For Windows - Firefox

For Mac - Safari.

Google chrome also worth mentioning, Its pretty good and soon it will get extensions.

Heck no. I'm on a mac, no security. So slow, shiretoko all the way, cause I modified the about:config to allow all addons to be installed reguardless of requirements, and it's beast.

Expecially the remove any element thingy, makes adds go away forever, no joke. If i find something annoying I can remove it. Like the warning work in progress bar.

Ha. I have an IE compatability thing for firefox, so websites think im on windows...


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I've kind of changed since I last posted in this thread.... I use Safari and Firefox now.

Safari for stuff I enjoy, like forums like Aqua-Soft and stuff. And Firefox (which is heavily protected now) for all things geeky.

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best browsers are safari 4 and chrome, although they aren't skinable, they have many useful functions, and both have a sleek look to them, there is also another browser, i haven used it, but you guys can see it for yourselves, its called SpaceTime, cheers.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer, definately!

Joking. You did know that, right?

I've used Firefox since... since before it was named Firefox. I use it on my Mac, I use it on Windows. I'd use it on Linux if I used Linux. It is the best browser.

Opera is a bit clunky for me. Safari is nice, clean and fast. Chrome is nice, but I wish it never came about. Please, think about the developers! I don't see any reason for an other browser to come into the mix.

Internet Explorer.... developer hell. However, I am happy that I have running (and working) IE 3-8 side by side.

If the world was how I'd like it, everybody would use Firefox.


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I use Safari. Even though it has it's fair share of not being compatible with some websites completely. I have grown to love it's look and features. Every other web browser I use (Opera, this thing that starts with an F, IE8, Firefox, Chrome) just feels incomplete for some reason.

I <3 my Safari :)

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Firefox all ALL-THE-WAY. it is simple the best because of its UI, it is VERY easily customizable to fit your needs. You can make it look like anything you want. It also take up less CPU than Internet explorer (yes, i have tested this). It takes the best parts from Safari and IE and combines them and adds to it.

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