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Skins and Support Files for v5.4 - No comments here!


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Skins and Support Files for XWD version 5.4 should be posted here.

Please, when posting a new skin or support file don't forget to clearly specify the version of XWindows Dock to which it applies.


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For XWD version 5.4

New skin for you all, designed in PS CS3 bundled with Leopard icons, courtesy of Matonga's skin editor. Please set your grid background to black if you choose to use this skin, and select a white font for grid view. Hopefully there should be no problems with this, but if there is, just PM me and I'll try to sort it out. I was trying to think of a name and the first thing that popped into my head was Kiwi, because it's all black, as is the nickname of the New Zealand rugby team (nothing racist, it's the colour of their kit!)

Click the preview to download.



By Panta: please don't forget mentioning XWD version.

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I have converted all 135 skins of version 5.2.3 for the new version 5.4; it has been a hard job; I hope that BOBAH13 doesn't add new changes of compatibility to the skins in the next versions :)

here for download:


NOTE: I am not the author of the skins, I have converted only their, I apologize me with the authors if they were in disagreement with this job.

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Wobble 1.0 (Custom Stack Animation)

Download the attachment, extract, and follow the instructions in the readme.

Please post any questions in the help center, or pm me ;)

Edit: it has come to my attention that since the stack finishes up at around 97% size, with certain configurations and stack sizes, the icons may be overlapping each other. I use 70px icons for stacks, and they work just fine for me.


Expand 2.0 (second version of wobble)

Same deal as the first one, except this one doesn't cause the icon glitch described, and behaves a tiny bit differently. Named different so you can have both if you want.

Edit: didn't manage to make custom fan animation :(



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Wind 1.1 (Custom Stack Animation)

Shishimaru's Wind blow animation by AndrewYY for XWD stacks

As usual, Download the attachment, extract, and follow the instructions in the readme.

Be sure to read the readme, it's always contains information on what settings work best ;)

Please post any questions in the help center, the animation development thread, or pm me ;)

Comes full with grid animation and fan animation!



Fountain2.1 (Custom Stack Animation)

My version of the original by Bobah. Slightly more pleasing

Only the grid stack is modified with my bezier curve formula from the wind animation. The difference is very minute from Bobah's fountain. If you felt the original looked a bit strange, you'll want to download this. Otherwise, there's no point ;)

vx.1 - both animations have been updated with less ugly code. If you already have 'em don't download the new ones, since nothing has physically changed... Well, that's not entirely true. Fountain2 looks less ugly now o_O



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Fireworks 1.1 (Custom Stack Animation)

AndreweYY's fireworks animation for XWD stacks

I know that I'm probably making too many of these :P but I have nothing better to do, so here's another one...

To celebrate Chinese New Year :P

Once again, Download the attachment, extract, and be sure follow the instructions in the readme, as it contains the best settings for the intended effect.

As always, please post any questions in the help center, the animation development thread, or pm me ;)

Comes full with grid animation and fan animation! (though the fan animation is more or less the same as Wind1.0 :slant:)

v1.1 - Updated with less ugly code. Exact same effect, just half as many lines of code. No need to re-download unless you're worried about 1 kilobyte smaller ;)


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Spread 1.0 (Custom Stack Animation)

Kinda like Fireworks, only less intense ;)

This animation works just like fireworks, only it's less intense, and doesn't have any of the explosiveness or twirly eye-candy.

Also, it doesn't have a modified fan animation.

like always, be sure to read the readme, as it contains suggestions for the settings you should use.

Comments, criticisms and ideas go to the development thread or pm. Thanks :)


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- Made on Mac.

- Used the panel image from "scurve-xl.png" and edited perspective with scale : 1/1 (Maximum size for many icons).

- Real space between icons and left/right border images (included separator).

- Also used stack background images from the original ones but cut the shadows off because it looked so weird on XWD.

- All artworks designed by Apple Inc., not me.





You can download all icons at WinMatrix.


and HD wallpapers for wide/4:3 monitor at CrystalXP.


Hope you like this clone skin.

I'm sorry for posting of this same skin that username3d3 posted before.

Thank you.


iLeopard - Black.zip

iLeopard - Aqua.zip

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