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Language Files for v5.4 - No comments here!


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Language Files for XWD version 5.4 should be posted here.

Please, when posting a new language file don't forget specifying the version of XWindows Dock to which it applies. Thanks to all translators over here!

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French translation for XWD 5.4.

I tried to be as meaningful as it is possible while using a good French without Anglicisms, translation errors etc.

Traduction française de XWD 5.4.

J'ai essayé d'être le plus complet et explicite possible tout en utilisant un bon français sans anglicisme et erreur de traduction.

File :

Do not double post - use the edit function - thanks - mps69


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Guest bugmeplease

Updated to the current version.

new German Language File

I hope its ok for you guys out there :)

By Panta: moved. This is the correct thread, as its name implies... also, did you notice that there's already a German one for v5.4 at this same thread? :slant:

sry i was overhasty, in the other German Language File a few things are missing, but its a better translation... i will combine them and upload the combined file in a few minutes.

ok finished:

-corrected some spelling mistakes

-added some missing text

-its a final, finally ;)


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