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XWindows Dock Reaches v5.4

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It's been just a short, four months since BOBAH13 appeared here, releasing his work-in-progress. Since then, we've seen innumerous improvements, a name change, and countless more requests, culminating in what we see here, one of the most customizable, visually pleasing launchers for windows, XWindowsDock.


And with the creation of it's new subforum, it's long over due that we'd showcase the efforts of BOBAH13, and great community of supporters who've contributed to this project thus far.

Today BOBAH13 has released his much anticipated update; XWindows Dock has now reached Version 5.4.


Excerpt of some of the notable features of this Dock:


  • Two types: 2D and 3D.
  • Supports many languages. Not yours? Add it via an XML file!
  • Configurable number of zoomed icons.
  • Has built in stacks. Four modes are available: fan, grid, list and it's unique gallery mode!
  • Configurable opacity and blur of reflections.
  • Option to minimize windows into dock. Supports 2 effects: Default and Genie.
  • Folder monitoring.
  • Option to show icon shadow, and to define opacity and blur of the shadow.

UPDATE: Version 5.6 of XWindowsDock has been released

Version 5.6 Specific thread are as follows:

Download XWD from here

Find Skins and Support files here here

XWD v5.6 Compatible Docklets here

Also, in case you might not have noticed, you can now choose between a number of different Stack Animations thanks to a plug-in like system in XWD and the contributions from the community of some really unique animations. Find them here

Say thanks here

At the request of the XWD sub-forum moderator, Panta (and others contributors,) please read carefully where it's appropriate to post comments in some of the above threads.

For a good resource on other general and specific answers, past versions, assistance, visit the dock's sub-forum section.

Report Bugs here

Need help? Participate here

Additionally, Matonga has released a skin editor to assist in making your own customized skins (v5.4 compatible)

And atreiu has released for v5.4, a profile manager here

I'm sure some additional new threads will appear specific to v5.4. So check back to find links for skins, language files and docklets. :)

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btw, whats the skin you are using in the screenshot? i kinda like it :)

It's one I made for my fiance, she has an Acer Netbook and I wanted a custom skin that would keep the dock as responsive & resource efficient as possible. So I scaled all the icons to the exact size that would be used at her resolution. And with these little tweaks and thats the dock really does subjectively feel more responsive.

Maybe once i figure out the skin format for this new XWD version, I'll post it for those with netbook like resolutions or the likes. Maybe I'd call it: the snappydock skin ;)

oh the icons in the screenshot are a collection found along the way.. the firefox one, I believe I got from deviantart, or wincustomize, the My Computer one is from a suite called Elemental or Element?, it can be found easily enough. The Stacks icons come from a Deviantart set.

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@firecracker6: great article! It was about time XWD get to the limelight. So much advancement in so short a time period!

Thanks for the thorough explanation about our sub-forum organization! It's much needed given the amount of messages we get in a daily basis! :D

Fixed - mps69 ;)

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