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Docklets for v5.2.3


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Docklets for XWD version 5.2.3 should be posted here.

Please, when posting a new docklet don't forget mentioning

the version of XWindows Dock to which it applies (just in case...)

Before installing a new docklet, it's strongly recommended backing-up the existing XWindowsDock folder!

From time to time it happens that a docklet may cause XWD to crash and a total reinstall (or at least deleting all settings files) is necessary to get things back running.

If you don't have a backup, you risk loosing all your XWindowsDock settings!

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XDesktoplet v0.80 (a Desktop Docklet ;))


- Shows the Desktop

- Drag&Drop Files to the Docklet, to MOVE files to the Desktop. Hold down Ctrl-Key + Drag&Drop to COPY the files to the Desktop.

- Take the default icon, use a custom one, or let the docklet create a screenshot as an icon.

- You can find additional default-icons in the /Docklets/XDesktoplet/ - Folder.


-on update: Delete old /XWindowsDock/Docklets/XDesktoplet/ - Folder

-Extract all the contents to the /XWindowsDock/Docklets/ - Folder.

Unsorted Wishlist: (Feature Suggestions, I'm aware of)

* Make the docklet work with screenresolution height > width *



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XBattery v0.53 (to monitor the energy-status)


- Shows Battery-Level, NA-Status, AC-Line or Loading.

- Left-click opens energy-settings (at least in XP, on Vista, too? You have to tell me!)

- Supports different Icon-Themes.


-on update: Delete old /XWindowsDock/Docklets/XBattery/ - Folder

-Extract all the contents to the /XWindowsDock/Docklets/ - Folder.

Thanks to Panta for collecting the Battery-Themes!

Please send me new and complete Icon-Themes, too! Look into the Docklets/XBattery/default/ folder to see, what Images i need.

Download: http://www.file-upload.net/download-126357...y-v053.zip.html (Upload-Limit of aqua-soft is hit)


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XGrab v0.57 (to take screenshots)


* Take Screenshots of whole screen, active window or region.

* Time your Screenshots.

* Shortcuts to Override the Grab-Mode-Settings:

- Ctrl-Click Docklet: Grab Area

- Ctrl+Shift-Click Docklet: Grab Fullscreen

- Ctrl+Alt-Click Docklet: Grab Foreground window.

* Shortcuts in the Grab Area Window:

- Esc or Alt+F4: Cancel Screenshot

- Enter or Space: Do Screenshot.


-on update: Delete old /XWindowsDock/Docklets/XGrab/ - Folder

-Extract all the contents to the /XWindowsDock/Docklets/ - Folder

Unsorted Wishlist: (Feature Suggestions, I'm aware of)

* close/abort button for the grab-area window *



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XCmd v0.43 (command-line tool and custom command launcher)

This is very powerful Docklet, if you know how to use it.

How does the XCmd-Docklet work?

After clicking the docklet, a small Edit-field appears. Here you can Enter a command and submit the command by either hit the [Enter]-Key (the Primary-Function) or hold [Ctrl] and hit the [Enter]-Key (the Secondary-Function).

The way, the command is handled is highly customizable and depends on the XCmd-Settings.

In the XCmd-Settings you can customize the two Functions, Primary and Secondary.

The default functions are:

Primary: run the command ($$). Examples:

- Type "regedit" hit [Enter] -> The Registry Editor opens

- Type "explorer" hit [Enter] -> a new Windows-Explorer opens.

Limitations: The Primary-Function onyl "finds" commands, which are in a folder, which is in the PATH Enviroments. So some commands (like "msconfig") can not be found, currently. I'm working on this.

Secondary (cmd /K $$): Open a Command-Line, and execute the command inside it. Examples:

- Type "ping" hit [Ctrl+Enter] -> a Command-Line Window opens, the ping command is executed. After ping is finished, the Command-Line stays open.

- Type "D:" hit [Ctrl+Enter] -> You get a Command-Line Window with D: as root Directory.

Customize the functions:

In the Settings-Window, you can customize Primary and/or Secondary Function.

In the Edit-field, you can enter a custom program, which is executed. You have to use "$$" as a placeholder for the command.

A usual command would be:

["C:PathToProgram.exe" $$] which would run Program.exe with your command as a Parameter. This is very powerful, because its a interface to any program with command-line-parameters.

Only two Examples:

Set as Primary Function: ["C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe" /URL http://www.google.de/search?q=$$&as_qdr=d]

-Type "XWinDock", hit [Enter]

This would start Firefox and open instantly the URL http://www.google.de/search?q=XWinDock&as_qdr=d

This URL performs a search on Google with the searchterm "XWindDock" and limited to results from the last 24h.

I guess, one of the most interessting function is the interface to your Desktop Search Engine, for Example Windows Desktop Search:

Set as Primary Function: ["C:Program FilesWindows Desktop Searchwindowssearch.exe" /URL search-ms://query=$$]

-Type "Something", hit [Enter]

This would open the WDS - Main Window and instantly executes a search for "Something". It's just like the "Windows Search-Deskbar" in the taskbar, only without suggestions and results-preview.

More Function can be found in the Function-List below.


-on update: Delete old /XWindowsDock/Docklets/XCmd/ - Folder

-Extract all the contents to the /XWindowsDock/Docklets/ - Folder.


(You have to include the Filename into " ", if it contains spaces!)

1. [$$] (default)

- Run the command just like when it is typed in Windows "Run"-Dialog

2. [cmd /K $$] (default)

- Opens the Command Line and executes your command in it.

3. ["C:Program FilesWindows Desktop Searchwindowssearch.exe" /URL search-ms://query=$$]

- Performance a search for your command in Windows Desktop Search.

4. ["C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe" /URL http://www.google.de/search?q=$$]

- Opens Firefox and performance a search for your command in Google.

5. ["C:Program FilesConsole2Console.exe" -r "/k $$"]

- Opens the famous Open Source Console - Program and runs the command in it.

Please share your command, if you find an interesting one!



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XCal v0.40 (mini-calendar)


* Shows the current date in the icon

* on click show a mini-calendar or

* launch your custom calendar-application


-on update: Delete old /XWindowsDock/Docklets/XCal/ - Folder

-Extract all the contents to the /XWindowsDock/Docklets/ - Folder.

Unsorted Wishlist: (Feature Suggestions, I'm aware of)

* Customize the look of mini-player * Change Font & Position of Icons Text * Minimal reminder/alarm support *

Credit on the icon-rendering goes to Matonga! Thanks!



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XMail v0.12alpha (shows the count of unread mails in the icon)


* Shows the count unread message in max. 5 accounts

* Supports IMAP only

* Supports nested Folders

* Click on the Docklet to run the command you specified in the Settings. (Thunderbird, for example)

* Hold [Ctrl] and Click on the Docklet, to check for Unread Messages instantly.


- Check your Firewall: XWindowsDock.exe must be allowed to access internet.

- Delete your old /Docklets/XMail/-Folder

- Extract to /XWindowsDock/ - Folder, keep the folder-structure.

- You have to end up like this:

/XWindowsDock/libeay32.dll <---- These two dlls are for OpenSSL











- In the Edit Dialog, type in your IMAP-Settings (only IMAP supported, right now).

- Click on Test Settings - Dialog.

- If you get an error, please post it in the Main-Thread. Don't use the Docklet, then!

- If everything is Ok, than click OK.

GMail-Settings (by request):

Server: Imap

Host: imap.googlemail.com

Username: [email protected]

Password: yourpass

Use SSL: checked!

Known Issues

* You will have problems when there are MANY Emails in your checked folders. So please check only the folders you really need, and stay under ~300-1000 Mails in these. POP3 might solve this problem.

* On Gmail, there is this [Google Mail] IMAP-folder. This is not a real folder, no emails can be there, so you can't check it. However, you can check the nested Folders of [Google Mail], so make sure you have the checkbox checked, if you want this IMAP-Folder watched.

Unsorted Wishlist: (Feature Suggestions, I am aware of)

* POP3 Support * Proxy Support * Preview Messages/Message headers * Check on startup * Check every Folder (not only nested) * Check for new Messages (not only "unread") * Audio-feedback * Make the check faster *



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XHarddrive v0.11 (monitor your harddrive-space in the icon)


* This one monitors the free/used/total space of your Drives.

* You can customize, what the text in the Icons shows. ( It's a little bit tricky for beginners, just ask. ;) )

* Fully customizable layout.

* Runs a command on click (by default, it opens the Windows Explorer for Drive C: ).

I included several alternative icons in the pack, just pick the one you like, or create/use another one. If you have a special beautiful icon, please send it to me, i would like to include them in future releases.


-on update: Delete old /XWindowsDock/Docklets/XHarddrive/ - Folder

-Extract all the contents to the /XWindowsDock/Docklets/ - Folder.

Big thanks to shishimaru and panta for icons and suggestions, and to matonga for help with the coding.



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XVolume v0.01 (launches the native Windows XP volume controls)


Very simple, just works like the volume-control in the taskbar:

*Single Click to open systems Mini-volume-controls

*Double Click to open systems Mixer.


-on update: Delete old /XWindowsDock/Docklets/XVolume/ - Folder

-Extract all the contents to the /XWindowsDock/Docklets/ - Folder.

Note: VISTA-Users!

Unfortunately, Microsoft no longer includes SNDVOL32.EXE with Windows VISTA, and the VISTA sound mixers work differently than they have in previous Windows versions. As a result, XVolume is not able to open the mixer in VISTA, nor manage it in the same ways. So the Docklet will not work.

But on the internet are descriptions, on how to get sndvol32.exe to vista, too. When you have done this, XVolume should work. So try this: http://askville.amazon.com/file-Sndvol32-W...uestId=14173184 Please report back, if it works.

Unsorted Wishlist: (Feature Suggestions, I'm aware of)

* reflect the current volume level in the icon *



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XWeather (for XWindows Dock v5.2.3)


  • Show weather conditions of selected city.
  • First time: click for setup.
  • Setup done: click to open www.weather.com with selected city.
  • Can display in either fahrenheit or celsius degrees.






Unrar file contents into XWD Docklets folder.


If you can't find your city, choose a nearby one. The weather data is provided by weather.com, I can't add cities :)

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