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Feature Requests For V5.6


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Hi there!

Is there any chance of getting animated icons in this superb dock?

Вован респект тебе :) (for english speaking guys - I said that I respect that genius)

Hey, I just fusioned my XLauncher with an old Prototyp (some might remember it).

The result is XAnimation - Docklet. It's pretty usuable, I think :)

Of course it can not replace native aPNG support, but until Bobah implemented that, it's a good replacement, I think.

And I could need your help:

Please create or port (with permission) some animated Icons and upload them to the Skin-Thread. Look at the sample-animation in XAnimation/default/ to see how it works.

Try different Icon-Sizes (64x64-512x512) and see, if it makes any difference in the performance. (You don't have to fear, that your work would be wasted, if aPNG is implemented. Because to create aPNG you have to create exact the same frame-pngs as for XAnimation)

Known Issues:

*The animation is a little choppy, depending on the program you are launching. I see, if I can do something about it. Animation on Mouse Over is very smooth.

*The animation is very choppy, if you use magnification, too. I don't think i can do anything about it, but i take a look at it, too.

Feedback or Questions on how to create Animations, please to Atreiu Docklets Feedback - Thread ;)

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I got an idea, but i don't know if it's easy to do it:

Instead of using aPNG, It would be nice to have an option, or the ABILITY to create icon animations, just like stack animations are created...

I think it would have to be some "lighter coding" then the dock doesn't use as much RAM.

And well...

I use UberIcon... and I'd like to be able to use the icon animation I defined in UberIcon.

Maybe make some compatibility with UberIcon service, or ".dll"'s.

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Please: add the possibility to lock the dock (icon, width and position)!

I agree.

Also it would be great to have the option to lock "icon dragging".cool.gif

Another request:

I'd like magnification to "pause" when you click a docklet or a stack.wink.gif

it would be great if you could have the choice to move the dock to the left and right of the screen like on objectdock

This has been requested many, many times...slanted.gif

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My small request is when window is minimized it should be good if separator appear between last icon on the dock and minimized window,that will be very useful.

I use drag n drop on regular bases every day between opened window and one minimized in taskbar which i can't do now because windows are removed from taskbar,also i noticed when windows are minimized to dock i can't use winexpose but i don't know is that case with other expose clones.

These are very important requests because i need to work and i can't afford to loose time on these trivial things.


@moments: i don't think that's very useful when windows are mixed up with other icon.

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Please: add the possibility to lock the dock (icon, width and position)!

yup... same with here, please add the lock function especially for icons.. i always accidentally puff out my icons, and i have to put it back again... especially the stack, it annoys me bcoz i have to put back my customize stack icons..

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when a window is minimized, make it minimize to the left of the recycle bin.

or in other words, keep the recycle bin always on the far right. (by default)

can there also be an option to set the quality of animation? example: when it takes a screenshot of the window before it distorts it and puts it on the dock, have a setting to lower the quality of the screenshot taken of the window. that might increase performance of the effect. (with the speed faster, it's still very jumpy, sometimes only 2 or 3 frames until fully minimized, which is kind of annoying. (yes i know i should get a better pc, so what))

it could be done with the genie effect in other docks (rocketdock) by modifying an ini file. i forgot where i found it though

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it seem to me that no one has talked about the labels.

when you scroll through the magnification process, only the first icon label does a fade-in and only the last label does a fade out. for added eye candy and in my opinion a smoother effect it would be nice to have a fade in&out for every icon label. have seen this in other docks...

also adding a subtle shadow for depth would be nice.

a simple and fast in&out anim of the label, like from behind the icon would be another idea...

just upgraded to 5.6, as always my congrats for this amazing piece of software!!!

works great on both my surfing box with integrated intel graphics and my workstation with ati4850.

sorry for my english or if somthing i wrote sounds stupid.

this app rocks!!!!

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some applications which are supposed to minimize to system tray while clicking on close button now minimize to the dock.

could you please add a function like shift + click to minimize such applications in normal way.

Isn't the exclusion list working for them?
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functions i like to suggest,

1. right click XWD>enable/disable always on top(easier to access)

2. add stack for My Computer

3. create icon/stack automatically when external drive plugged into pc such as pen drive

btw, thx for adding reserve edge function BOBAH13.. i like it very much.. now im becoming a full time XWD user..

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functions i like to suggest,

1. right click XWD>enable/disable always on top(easier to access)...

OD/OD+ has this as a context menu item - Autohide - along with Magnification too and it's very handy, I think...
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I wrote in the bugs, but since it is not, I would like in the next release of XWD there was the possibility to change the look of the grid' window (as in 5.4), perhaps enabled by options panel!

P.S. i'm using XWD by a 3 years old PC, and it is the fastest dock i've never been used... so... i'm not agree with the changes on 5.6 (grid borders and gallery preview). I think that people have to be able to choose to run these features or not (from panel control)!

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Currently, the option to "Cache Items" in Gallery view ONLY seems to cache the images within that current gallery view session.** When the gallery is closed, and re-launched, the images are no longer cached.

My Request is this: Can you please Cache Images between Gallery launches? That would be a really classy feature ;)

** So currently, when "Cache Items" is checked, once you've scrolled through your folder's images, you can scroll back over the images and they appear instantly. When "Cache Items" is unchecked, when you go back and forth over images, the "?" sign reappears before the image loads, when the scrolling stops.

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