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Skin Editor (Outdated)


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Skin Editor




Extract .exe file into C:Program filesXWindows DockTools

(or wherever XSkinMaker.exe is, and ..SkinsSkin.smxd is valid)


I'm not held responsible of any direct/indirect bla bla bla, you understand.

Not thoroughly tested.

You're a coder?:


If you modify the program, and publish better version of it, please publish also sources so anyone can continue improving on it.

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Una vez mas con un gran aporte karnal! En vdd hacia falta algo asi! Gracias!!!

Ahora si señores... a poner a trabajar toda la kreatividad!

Once again a great share, We where missing an app like that one, Thanks

Let´s do it ppl, get you creativity on work!

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OMG. Skinning is so easy with it, now even I can do it :D Thanks A LOT, Matonga.

EDIT: One thing I'm missing: is there a way to extract the single .png-files? That would be really helpful for people like me, who just want to edit some of the .pngs. And if reflection-offset would be reflected in the preview, than it would be perfect :)

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Hi, new update: now it also previews 2D skins.

Edit: I forgot to mention preview now is drawn with bilinear (panels) and highest (icons) interpolation quality.



I don't know what to scale the indicator with. I will try by trial & error later.

Break.png is being scaled, though I dunno I'm doing it correctly or not.


I don't have time to perfect the app's icon. It's up to Denis7OO or someone else having enough time to do it. :) Indeed if you have some old copy of the app, look at the original icon (which was drawn by me... and it was terrible).

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Using Denis700's PNG I've created an icon (.ico) 16x16 up to 256x256/Vista. Warning: it contains all possible sizes, so it's not that small... (324KB)

Get it here: http://e.imagehost.org/download/0691/XWDSkinEditor

Hope this helps.

@matonga: you can try using the bounding rectangle from the bottom of the dock to the top of icon region; I think this is the right reference...

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