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Rocketdock crashes with Sysstats


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  • 3 months later...

Can someone answer this question, or help us to get it answered?? Im having the EXACT same problem..

Im running Windows Vista 64, The latest Sysstats, and the latest Rocketdock.

I put all the files where they belong in the Rocket Dock Directory, i get the option to add a Sysstats icon.. but when i click it Rocket Dock Crashes..

Any help please?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here is the fix...it would be nice if the creator could put this info on the front page as its a big deterent to the technically challenged vista users...and its a simple fix

in order to get sysstats to work on Vista all you need to do is...

quit rocketdock

go to C\programfiles\rocketdock\

right click on rocketdock.exe

select properties

select compatibility tab

check run as administrator


now extract sysstats to c/programfiles/rocketdock (it should put all files in necessary folders without you doing anything

start rocketdock

right click a space bar

select add item

select sysstats (blue "?" should appear)

right click "?"

select load

find doclet you want to load

select config. folder

select .ini file

and you should be good to go

also sometimes you may need to configure a docklet to get background to show...

this is done by right clicking icon

selecting configure

opening overlay tab

highlighting background

select configure

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  • 2 months later...

in XP you only need to gived you Full Control permission on the RocketDock Carpet

just go to the properties of the RocketDock Carpet, then go to the security tab and add your user with Full Control

of course you only need to this if your user is not an administrator

with this you will not have anymore this error... :)

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