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New Year, New stuff :D

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OK, 2008 has gone to history. It's 2009, and sure there will be new exiting stuff from our friends Apple and Microsoft. So what are you're greatest expectations and predictions form them this year? There's the new Windows from Microsoft, Windows 7 that looks promising, could this be the 'lighout' from the Vista blackout? and there's rumors about a new Mac Mini, the Touch Book (Be careful HP TouchSmart PC!), and Snow Leopard. Could there be a new Microsoft gadget? Maybe a 'Zune Phone'? Would Microsoft conquer 'Yahoo!'? Could Apple start going to the gaming branch and release the 'iGame'?? What do you think?

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Hmm. Microsoft and Apple maybe marketing enemies right now, but if they really hated eachother, there wouldn't be microsoft office 2008 for the Mac. Plus they do have some respect for eachother or else BootCamp and iTunes would not exist, and also Microsoft has a whole branch dedicated to working with Apple mac's software.

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@ ShadyBlues13, MS and Apple makes apps for each other just to promote the program and hopefully their OS, people say '-OH iTunes is soooooo cool that OS X must me cool also, so I will switch', the same thing with Apple,'-OH Office is wonderful, so I will bootcamp it on my Mac'

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What a lot of people don't know is that Microsoft Office came out for Macs first.

And I've always thought Boot Camp was a statistics ploy. Now Windows can literally be on any computer, increasing their market share even further.

@KAWSquared No, WMP is a downloadable application. Although it's gone without an update for some time. And what do you mean RDP isn't "designed" by Microsoft? The technology, application, updates, and support is all provided by them, so who else could be behind it?

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I see a period of failure for both companies thanks to the economy.

Probably what's going to end up happening in the end.

I for one hope for a new Mac Mini, an exclusive version of Windows for barebones gaming (meaning, an operating system dedicated to be lightweight enough to make it game outstandingly), and seeing Snow Leopard released for all 2GHz+ computers (not just Apple labeled ones!) to enjoy.

And then there's the crush of said hope.

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