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Leopard XWD by Username3d3

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The new real leopard is very special mate :D

Moderators should move this to the official skin section. It's very very worthy.

This is the best yet

Congratulations my friend

Yeah dude, thanks! I will be working on it a bit more(glossy effect,height,width,etc) to give it a more realistic feel.

@Panta: I actually already posted the link with a picture in the "Skins and Support files" thread. The link redirects you to this thread. How would I ask the Moderator to move this to it's own thread?

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It seems some good soul did it already! :D

Now, just move the download link from this thread to your post at the skins thread and, in its place at this thread, put a link to your post there. That's it, and if you have any doubt, feel free to contact me! :)

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I'm working on that right now and I'm rounding out the grid background corners. I'll have an update as soon as possible.
Then, when you upload the update remember doing it there, as I'm about to broadcast a call for skinners to move their skins in the same manner. Thanks!
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Super work 3d3 !! One of my favorites and using it now. Congrats!

ps: do you think you can come out with a Black version of it ?(Others have tried, I know. but , you know, others have tried making a good OSX dock replica and no one got it like you, so.. )

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